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Rodrigo Romero-Flores (b. 1977) is a chilean poet, sound composer and visual artist, based in Northern Ireland.


He studied Hispanic Language and Literature at the Universidad de Chile and Field Recording: Soundscape Composition at Goldsmiths, University of London.


Their artistic practice relates to the sonic exploration of memory; the contrast between the sublime and the everyday; the sense of loss in a highly technological world and the tension between the present and the absent.

Their sonic proposal is characterised by the complexity of the use of hardware in real time,  to give shape to ambient soundscapes with a strong presence of drone, samples from different cultural sources, sounds produced by natural phenomena and human voice.

His current research is concerned with the limits of memory from a spatio-temporal perspective, and the technological mechanisms that allow us to reactivate and re-imagine small fragments of emotional reality.


  • nube de sonido
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